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Letter de Marie Iro (en anglais) April 2021

Galmi, 18th April 2021

To: Italian Evangelical Missionary Society (SMEI).


Thank you!


Greetings in the name of Jesus and may His peace be with you. I am pleased to be able to write this letter in order to express my sincere thankfulness for the support that I receive from you for my studies. May God bless you for this.

When I started the first year of my nursing studies, mathematics and physics were a struggle for me, but by applying extra effort I was able to pass these subjects at the end of that year. Now that I am in second year, mathematics and physics are no longer part of the programme. I am learning lots especially through subjects such as Normal Midwifery, Nutrition in Midwifery, Child health care, Primary health care and Community Midwifery.

At this moment my studies are going really well. I am not having any major problems. I can simply say that I can see my Heavenly Father’s hand over my studies and I thank Him for that.

Please continue to pray for me in order that I am able to successfully finish my studies and that God grants me understanding in the different subjects.


In His name

Marie Iro

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